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Heather Quinto is a Pascua Yaqui Native, and she resides in Fresno, California. She has a BA in Creative Writing/English with a minor in Marketing from Southern New Hampshire University. She is a self-published author of the paranormal/fantasy novel, Inhuman, and a spiritual/romance short story titled In Love and Death. Recently, she published a horror novel with TruRealm Media titled The Doctor’s Estate. Currently, she is seeking representation for her unpublished novel, Eleutheria, which is an adult allegorical novel on today’s society that has universal truths deeply rooted within its themes.

Heather always had a strong urge to write and create imaginative stories ever since she could pick up a pencil. She started off by drawing picture books when she was four before transitioning to writing short stories when she was eight years old. Heather’s main inspiration behind writing is to be able to leave the greatest impact on whomever picks up one of her books by influencing a more positive and spiritual outlook on life. She strives to create fresh and original stories that grasps a reader’s attention, and hooks them with her strong and compassionate characters. Heather brings in unique storylines that no one has ever read before, and this is what caters to her originality. Her writing uses humor to teach self-confidence by encouraging her readers to laugh at themselves every once in a while. She writes of relatable hardships that help her readers feel less alone, and makes them feel more accepted.

Although, Heather’s current target audience are teens, she doesn’t stick to one given genre or age group. Her genre varies from book to book. She is currently working on a new science fiction novel, and has a mystery/romance novel sitting in her documents waiting to be edited. Heather’s ultimate goal is to be a major impact on the world for the better while teaching the morals and values passed down in her tribe. She hopes that her books challenge others to think both philosophically and spiritually like her tribal elders push her to do. She also strives to eventually make a comfortable living off of being a full time writer.

“Writing is a powerful tool. All I need is a pen and paper, and I can change the world.”


Heather Marie Quinto

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