Annemarie was never accepted by her parents, and she felt alone amongst her friends until she met those who could identify with her inhuman abilities. Annemarie was yanked from the world she thought she knew, and was introduced to a world thought to be impossible. Now she must struggle to learn to gain control of who and what she really is before time runs out for her and her new found friends.

Available on Kindle and paperback


“The story itself is intriguing, fresh and original — no small feat in a market where paranormal stories are so popular. Your main characters, Annemarie and Mark, are strong and compassionate, though they are no strangers to violence and cruelty.” 


“A great read for teens and young adults fascinated with the paranormal or the Twilight series. An excellently written first book from a gifted young author.”

 -KW (reader)

“I just finished reading Inhuman, the first book by debut author Heather Quinto, and all I can say is that I am certainly impressed. This book follows the story of Annemarie, a young woman who is not accepted by her family, not even by her own parents. However, she is doing her best to deal with the unusual gifts she’s been given. Gifts that few, not even Annemarie herself, understand. Shapeshifters, werewolves, skinwalkers, angels, demons and more make up just some of the characters Annemarie comes into contact with and desperately needs to learn about, so she can better understand herself. Couple this with normal high school intrigue and Annemarie’s first blush with love, and this book is one that will draw you in from the beginning.

‘Heather Quinto’s writing style is so wonderfully aligned with the thoughts and emotions that one would expect a young adult reader to have. Inhuman is a great debut novel with an interesting and engaging storyline. This would appeal to any young adult who loves fantasy and paranormal fiction, with a healthy dose of romance thrown in. Think the Twilight series if you need books to compare this to. I did find some issues with grammar, but not enough to keep me from reading. All in all, Heather Quinto’s debut novel, Inhuman, is a wonderful first work, and I look forward to much more from this author in the future!”

-Reviewed by Tracy A. Fischer for Readers’ Favorite

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