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Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Happy 2020! I'm a week or two late, but for anyone that has been following me from the start, you know how infrequent I post on my blog. I do want to blog more often because this will be part of my step towards making writing my full time job. I know I made this promise before, but I mean it this time dammit! I promise. Pinky promise... Okay, maybe not pinky promise, but I'll do it for sure. I am shifting out of being a substitute teacher and supplementing my income with more "writery" type goals. I gotta make this a full time gig if I'm ever gonna make it, and I want this to be my career. Another big shift will be my slow merging of my mediumship business along with my writing. I wanted to keep the two separate because of branding and marketing reasons, but mostly because I'm shy to fully open up about it to certain family and friends. However, I am on this new empowerment trip of owning my power and who I am. I talk to dead people and aliens and everything else in-between. No, I'm not super into the woo-woo stuff like some might be with the crystals and the Mercury Retrograde thing, but I do have some gifts I share publicly under an alias. This doesn't mean I am going to start offering services on this website because for marketing reasons I want to keep those two separate. It just means I'll be a little less secretive about it. I'm still too shy to even share my mediumship website link in this blog post. Yikes! I got a lot of inner confidence to grow if I'm ever going to get to the point of feeling okay about possible judgement from folks who just don't understand. For now, if you are interested in what I do on youtube and on certain podcasts I frequently interview on, you can message me asking for my website info. I host live events and attend a few as a guest speaker from time-to-time. I got a good following going, so if you're into that sort of stuff and wanna follow along, come join the tribe! For now, I want to remind everyone I am selling signed copies of my book, The Doctor's Estate on my website ONLY! So if you buy a copy off amazon or anywhere else, it won't be signed by little ole me :) I am thinking of setting up a book signing soon in Vegas since I'll be there for my mediumship work anyway. See how I'm slowly merging the two? But I gotta ask the Publisher first if that is an okay deal.

Changing the subject, as most of you know, I am very much a "Go! Go! GO!" kinda girl. Once I start on a project, I can't stop even for a breath. I got a handful of new projects, including a new book (YAY!), which involves my story of my alien abduction experiences all tied into my journey of how I became a medium. Then I have a screenplay I am planning to write this year, and it involves some research in Europe. I'll give you a BIG hint: It's gonna be about my favorite writer ever and biggest inspiration whose nom de plume starts with a V. I'm starting an editing service on THIS website, so if you are seeking editing services for academic work like essays, resumes, query letters, novels, and so on, I'm your gal! I'm also setting up tutoring services both in-person and online. Lastly, I will be putting together an online school (again) guiding people through their first novel on top of other fun courses like how to market yourself as a writer, publishing industry basics, and so on. I spent last year taking a bit of a break from submitting to literary agents after feeling utterly defeated with no "yes's." To be fair, I did get one full manuscript (MS) request from a publishing company, but they disappeared into thin air. Poof! I got my MS heavily edited, and it's like a shiny new penny. It has changed entirely, and my query letter has been critiqued for the hundredth time. Here's to hoping I get a snag this year. If not, I'm going to consider other avenues with publishing this novel. I make my own density. If you don't like the way the table is set, flip it over, and I plan to do just that with my lack of luck in traditional publishing.

Alright, that about sums up where I'm at. So remember, I am selling signed copies of one of my novels on this website, and contact me if you're interested in the fantastical things in life :) Peace!

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